East Hook Farm is situated in unlit countryside. There are lights at the entrance to the front of the farmhouse and garden. There is further lighting from the side of the farmhouse, the front porch of the farmhouse and from the front and side of the cottage.

The cottage to which the outside rooms are attached is situated to the right-hand side of the farmhouse.

The car park is situated at the end of the outside rooms and in front of the farmhouse. The car park has a level stoned surface. Cars can pull up in front of the farmhouse to unload luggage then park in the car park 20 metres from the front door.

The doorway into the farmhouse is 80cm wide stepping in onto a non-slip mat and then carpeted floor.

The breakfast room is situated on the right-hand side of the ground floor hallway. The guest lounge is on the left-hand side of hallway both of these rooms are carpeted.

We have a total of five guest bedrooms, two of these bedrooms are in the farmhouse and three are attached to the cottage.

The stairway leading to the guest bedrooms in the house is situated to the left of the hallway. The stairs are of normal rise, with a banister on the right-hand side. One flight of stairs totalling 10 steps leads to a platform then a further 7 steps which takes you to the first-floor landing. The stairs and landing are fully carpeted.
The two guest rooms in the house are situated at the front of the property, both rooms Preseli View and East View overlook the gardens and fields, both are fully carpeted with tiled en-suite bathroom floors.

There are three guest rooms attached to the cottage, Haven Room, Farm View and Woodland View. Haven Room and Farm View have a 10cm step off the path, then a further 5cm step going into the cottage. Both rooms are fully carpeted with tiled en-suite bathrooms floors.
Woodland View is nearest to the car park it has a slight ramp to the door. Guests using this room can park within 5 metres of the door. The room is fully carpeted with a tiled en-suite bathroom floor.

WiFi Available